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Module 1: 2 Hours – 4 Topics

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Day 1)
  • White Hat Hacker | Black Hat Hacker | Gray Hat Hacker (Day 1)
  • Legality and Ethics (Day 1)
  • Core Model of Information Security (CIA) (Day 1)

Module 2: 2 Hours – 2 Topics

  • Basics of Networking (Day 2
  • Google Hacking (Day 2)

Module 3: 2 Hours – 2 Topics

  • Kali Linux Introduction (Day 3)
  • Setup Your Virtual Lab for Hacking (Day 3)

Module 4: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Scanning Network with NMAP (Day 4)

Module 5: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Web Server Hacking (Day 5)

Module 6: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Privilege Escalation (Day 6)

Module 7: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • System Hacking (Day 7)

Module 8: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Metasploit (Day 8)

Module 9: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Steganography (Day 9)

Module 10: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Denial of Service Attack (Day 10)

Module 11: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Malware and RAT (Day 11)

Module 12: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • WiFi Hacking (Day 12)

Module 13: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Web Application Scanning (Day 13)

Module 14: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • SQLi (Day 14)

Module 15: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • XSS (Day 15)

Module 16: 2 Hours – 3 Topics

  • CSRF (Day 16)
  • File inclusion (Day 16)

Module 17: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Phishing Attack (Day 17)

Module 18: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Cryptography (Day 18)

Module 19: 2 Hours – 4 Topics

  • Covering Tracks (Day 19)
  • IP Spoofing (Day 19)
  • Email Spoofing (Day 19)
  • MAC spoofing (Day 19)

Module 20: 2 Hours – 1 Topic

  • Android Hacking (Day 20)


Bug bounty hunting is the act of attaining security vulnerabilities or bugs in a website and responsibly unveiling it to that company’s security team in an efficient and ethical way. Bug bounties are mainly set up by big companies to help people with potential issues discovered on their sites.

If you are engrossed in web application security then we here have a great place of honing your skills. This course is designed from scratch. So, if you do not have any understanding of Website Hacking or Bug hunting then this is a course to go with. Our aim in these 45 days will be to take you from the basics to the master level

This course is totally supported by real-life security vulnerabilities that are reported. This is the place, where people make thousands of dollars during a night by just reporting one big bug too big companies like Uber, Facebook, Ola, Amazon, and Zomato.

So, this course will give you a brief introduction to the types of bugs that you can report and earn the money. With us, you will start as a beginner with no hands-on experience on bug bounty hunting and Penetration testing, but after this course, you will rise as a stealth Bug Bounty Hunter.

Who this course is for: A beginner or an intermediate person, who wants to find out about cybersecurity, bug hunting, and website hacking process.

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Vishal Bagwan
Vishal Bagwan
Thanks to Appin indore for providing efficient training for CEH Certification. I am totally happy and with their Teaching and services. Appin Indore also provides multiple other certification trainings from EC Council and other cybersecurity trainings also. They are very Professional in Training and even for Support functions. They are awarded multiple times by EC Council for being a very good Accredited Training Centre (ATC). They have offices in Indore and also provide online trainings. I totally recommend Appin technology Lab Indore to everyone who wants to get trained and certified in various Cybersecurity certifications. Thank you.
krishna sahu
krishna sahu
This is very good 😊 coching class and there teacher's and staff members are very good and you can learn here and educated very well .
Ranu Sayam
Ranu Sayam
I am from Bhopal Thanks for all the help and support throughout the journey of CEH training till certification which provided a boost for my job and career. Highly recommended for Cybersecurity trainings best institute in indore
Viplove Singh457
Viplove Singh457
Great place to learn about ethical hacking and information security. All staff is very friendly and all doubts will be cleared. Topics are covered from basic to advanced level.Environment is also amazing.
Narendra Narole
Narendra Narole
Best Institute for Ethical Hacking....
Darshan Rathi
Darshan Rathi
Good knowledge they were giving for hathical hacking nice experience
Arpan Kumar
Arpan Kumar
Vinay Deshmukh
Vinay Deshmukh
Its a IT software training institute famous for its classes and teaching. It is situated at indraprasth tower 3rd floor. Indore.
Movies world
Movies world
Appin Technology lab Indore is an authorised partner with EC council .And provides the best ethical hacking Ceh certification course in Indore training centre.Every student can acquire authorised certification for Cyber security courses,ethical hacking penetration testing with 100 % job assistance.
Anshul Raghuwanshi
Anshul Raghuwanshi
Excellent place to learn IT Courses.They have regular classes and lab session. Highly Recommended for Ethical Hacking Training.They suggest companies until you get placed .must join who are looking for career in IT.

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