IT Security & Ethical Hacking Diploma Program

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    What you will learn in this Diploma course?


    Unit 1: Windows 8 Introduction and Security
    Unit 2: Linux Security

    Unit 1: Lan Security
    Unit 2: Firewall Security
    Unit 3: Internet Security

    Unit 1: Malware
    Unit 2: Network Intrusions
    Unit 3: Art of Googling

    Unit 1: Introduction
    Unit 2: Data Backup
    Unit 3: Cryptography
    Unit 4: Steganography
    Unit 5: Physical Security

    Unit 1: Virtual Private Network Security
    Unit 2: Wireless LAN
    Unit 3: Router Security
    Unit 4: Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    Unit 5: Access Control

    Unit 1: Introduction
    Unit 2: Vulnerability Assessment
    Unit 3: Penetration Testing

    Unit 1: Security Auditing
    Unit 2: Lead Auditor: It (La-27001)


    Unit 1: Cyber Crime
    Unit 2: Cyber Forensics
    Unit 3: Catching Criminals
    Unit 4: Mobile Forensics

    Unit 1: Mobile Security
    Unit 2: VOIP
    Unit 3: Email Security
    Unit 4: Mobile Forensics

    Appin is a trusted education partner for courses in Information security and Ethical Hacking Training in the world. We are a group of advanced IT security professionals around the world. In IT security and Ethical Hacking Diploma Program, we are training via live classroom, virtual training labs, webinars, study material, and workshops. This diploma course in Ethical Hacking and IT Security is necessary for every person who is either seeking opportunities or growth in Information Security and Ethical Hacking Domain. The diploma course is designed to deliver a thorough comprehension of Ethical Hacking along with the basics of penetration testing. The course is instructor-led with the purpose of delivering in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking.

    If you fall in any one of the following categories, this is just the right course for you.

    • 1. Students/Individuals
    • 2. College-going Students
    • 3. Network Specialist
    • 4. Non-IT Industry Experts
    • 5. College Faculties
    • 6. Government and Corporate IT Managers
    • 7. CEO/CTO and Higher Management Personals
    • 8. Computer geeks who desire deep knowledge of ethical hacking

    IT Security & Ethical Hacking Diploma Program

    What is Information Security?

    IT Security is a term which is concerned with the protection of hardware, software and a network of an organization, from the perils of disaster and external attacks (through the virus, etc.). It is about the security of electronic data and is covered in the IT Policy of an organization. In simpler terms, this domain is all about safeguarding information and information systems from all the possible threats and the people who might pose a threat including employees, consultants, suppliers, customers and of course, malicious hackers.

    Why Information Security is a must?

    In the last few years, Networking and software jobs have witnessed a boom. The reason is, Information Security is the latest buzzword in the industry because of the exponential increase in the percentage of cyber crimes, data thefts, data losses, viruses, and other cyber crimes in last few years.

    Security Compliance is must for all companies with IT backbone. The requirement is high with organizations in IT/ ITES segment. Usually, it is observed that the Information technology staff lack basic security knowledge. Which is why the awareness of Information security is spread on a wide scale in the last few years. The current worldwide growth rate in the information security field is billed at 21%. Higher salaries are been offered to professionals in IT security. Information security industry is currently over $100 B ($60 B in US, $ 20B UK, $4.5 B Japan, over $1.5 B India).

    Job Opportunities in Information Security

    With the sudden boom in the field of Information Security, hot jobs with lucrative pay packets are opening up. We train individuals in the domain of network security and enable them to tap jobs in the areas of Network Security System Administrator/Manager, Network Security Engineer, Systems/Applications Security Executive, Web security, Administrator/Manager, Security Auditor, Data security specialist, Chief Information Security Officer, Computer Forensics Investigator, IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager, Security Certified Programmer, Forensics Investigator etc.

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    Vishal Bagwan
    Vishal Bagwan
    Thanks to Appin indore for providing efficient training for CEH Certification. I am totally happy and with their Teaching and services. Appin Indore also provides multiple other certification trainings from EC Council and other cybersecurity trainings also. They are very Professional in Training and even for Support functions. They are awarded multiple times by EC Council for being a very good Accredited Training Centre (ATC). They have offices in Indore and also provide online trainings. I totally recommend Appin technology Lab Indore to everyone who wants to get trained and certified in various Cybersecurity certifications. Thank you.
    krishna sahu
    krishna sahu
    This is very good 😊 coching class and there teacher's and staff members are very good and you can learn here and educated very well .
    Ranu Sayam
    Ranu Sayam
    I am from Bhopal Thanks for all the help and support throughout the journey of CEH training till certification which provided a boost for my job and career. Highly recommended for Cybersecurity trainings best institute in indore
    Viplove Singh457
    Viplove Singh457
    Great place to learn about ethical hacking and information security. All staff is very friendly and all doubts will be cleared. Topics are covered from basic to advanced level.Environment is also amazing.
    Narendra Narole
    Narendra Narole
    Best Institute for Ethical Hacking....
    Darshan Rathi
    Darshan Rathi
    Good knowledge they were giving for hathical hacking nice experience
    Vinay Deshmukh
    Vinay Deshmukh
    Its a IT software training institute famous for its classes and teaching. It is situated at indraprasth tower 3rd floor. Indore.
    Movies world
    Movies world
    Appin Technology lab Indore is an authorised partner with EC council .And provides the best ethical hacking Ceh certification course in Indore training centre.Every student can acquire authorised certification for Cyber security courses,ethical hacking penetration testing with 100 % job assistance.
    Anshul Raghuwanshi
    Anshul Raghuwanshi
    Excellent place to learn IT Courses.They have regular classes and lab session. Highly Recommended for Ethical Hacking Training.They suggest companies until you get placed .must join who are looking for career in IT.