Ethical Hacking Training Institute

Add a golden feather to your hat with a certified ethical hacking course from the top ethical hacking training institute in Indore, India. Become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator with our CHFI Certification and contribute to the cybercrime investigation department.

At Appin, we offer online ethical hacking courses that add value to your life and avail you with an additional source of earning. Our diversified courses help you find the field of your interest and master it with theoretical and practical exposure. We offer courses in Network Security, Data Security, IT Security, Cyber Forensics, Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Facebook Hacking apart from certified ethical hacking course. Our teaching methodology is progressive which accommodates the practical sessions of ethical hacking as well. Our course is suitable even for students from diverse background. Our iterative learning sessions are comprehensive and have given proven results in past. You will be taught to apply the concepts as and when you learn them.


- Authentic ethical hacking training course
- Only essential theory and maximum practical sessions
- We teach manually to deliver more insights
- Flexible batches
- Professional ethical hackers will train you
- Necessary tools along with study materials are provided

What do we offer?

- Penetration Testing
- Incident Response Assistance
- Secure Coding Practices Training
- Zero-Day Research
- Forensics Analysis

Why should you consider becoming an ethical hacker/ information security expert?

An Ethical Hacker function as an Information security expert, penetration tester, and cybersecurity expert. In the world of cyberspace, an ethical hacker is a hero who guards the information security assets and functions in a defensive role.
The services of the ethical hacker are also used to test the effectiveness of the information security team and the company's defense mechanism from threats of the outer world. This is called a double-blind environment.
To function effectively, an ethical hacker needs some basic set of information such as information assets of the company, potential sources of threats and the extent to which the organization can allow him to penetrate the information security mechanism of the company.


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