Top 4 in-demand cyber security jobs in 2020

Top 4 in-demand cyber security jobs in 2020 : February 14, 2020

Fighting cyber attackers is a never-ending battle!

All the organizations from big to small need security experts to protect and defend their data.

The demand for cybersecurity jobs is on a boom whereas the skilled professionals are in low supply. 

That is why many companies have whittled down their wishlist of cyber talent to a few key positions. 

Now the real question arises here is- Which positions will ace the list in 2020?


Cyber Security Jobs In 2020


These 3 topmost positions, described below, can help students understand the opportunities that are available to them, expert professionals find opportunities for a career change (like IT to cyber), and business leaders understand the hiring landscapes.

I have mapped these 3 job categories. Let’s take a closer look at the top three cybersecurity jobs, ending with the most in-demand position.


#1. Network Security Engineer

The network security engineer is a crucial position within every organization. This person is wholly and solely responsible for ensuring the security systems are properly implemented within the organization to counter and stop threats. Their main responsibilities include-

  • maintaining systems, 
  • identifying vulnerabilities, 
  • improving automation

 They also superintend the maintenance of firewalls, routers, switches, various network monitoring tools and VPNs (virtual private networks).

“What minimum pay of a network security engineer begins at Rs 4 lakhs and can go up to 8 lakhs per annum.”


#2. Cyber Security Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst aids in planning, implementing and upgrading all the security measures and controls in the organization. Their main role is to continually oversee security access and perform both, internal as well as external security audits to ensure that there are no shortcomings or evidence of security lapses. A cybersecurity analyst is also accountable for-

  • conducting vulnerability testing, 
  • risk analyses, 
  • security assessments. 

All these responsibilities are for managing the network. In addition to these tasks, the analyst trains all the fellow employees about security awareness and it’s procedures.

“The salary of a cybersecurity analyst begins at Rs 6 lakhs per annum.”


#3. Security Architect

A security architect plays a crucial role. A Security Architect designs the entire network and computer security architecture for their company. The security architect helps-

  •  in planning,
  •  researching
  •  designing elements

Without a security architect, a company’s security system is vulnerable to attacks. 

“The average pay of a security architect begins at Rs 17 lakhs per annum.”


#4 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

“According to a report by PWC, over 80 percent of companies now have a CISO on the management team.” 

The CISO is a senior-level executive hired within an organization. CISO ensures that the cybersecurity plan is aligned with the business’s vision, operations, and technologies. The CISO works in person with the staff to identify, develop, implement and maintain processes across the organization to ensure there are no security breaches. 

“The average salary for top CISOs is anywhere between Rs 2 crores to 4 crores.”




These are the 4 cybersecurity jobs at the apex in India today. Every industry such as banks, government, retail, and BFSI sectors actively recruit cybersecurity professionals. The job demand for cybersecurity is tremendously on a rise.

As organizations across a wide range of different industries, the challenge is to meet that demand by making sure people are getting trained properly from a good ethical hacking institute for these critical security roles.

 And once they are trained and certified, exciting and well-paying jobs await!  

The article was originally published on CSO.

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